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Weighted Bench Dips Help Increase Upper Body Strength

Weighted Bench Dips

Your body will definitely benefit from doing weighted bench dips asĀ  it is going to help build up the strength in your triceps along with working many other body parts as well. Along the front and back of your body the shoulders, chest, middle back, neck, lats and traps are all going to get worked out along with your triceps. Not only will the exercise build strength but, it will help burn off the fat quickly.
Also by increasing your upper body strength and size your midsection will appear more whittled, so you are creating an illusion of sculpting while you are also burning fat.

If you do not have a lot of upper body strength yet, the weighted bench dips will help build it quickly. This exercise is going to require two benches. There will be one placed in front of you and one behind you. Squat down a little and place your hands on the bench behind you. Place your hands so they are aligned with your shoulders. Straighten your arms out and carefully lift your feet up on the bench in front of you. With your feet on the bench you now want to cross your ankles. Your bottom foot will be resting on the heel of your shoe.

The feet crossed at the ankles and your arms fully extended straight up and down are known as the starting position. Slowly start bending your elbows and lowering your body toward the floor. Make sure while you are lowering your body you are inhaling. You do not want to lower your body to far down. Your elbows will be pointing at the wall behind you. When your elbows are pointing you will have your arms in a little less then a 90 degree angle.

Now you are going to exhale and start lifting your body back up. Lift up until your arms are straight up and down again. You will continue doing these motions until you have completed the recommended repetitions.

After some time of doing the weighted bench dips your strength is going to build up. At some point it will fell like your body weight is just not enough of a challenge to you anymore. You are now ready to go a step farther with this exercise.

You will need a partner to help you out with this step. When you are in the starting position have your partner get a flat weight. They are going to place the weight on your lap. Once the weight is in place you are now ready to start doing your weighted bench dips. Do not put more weight on your lap then you can comfortable handle at once. If the weight starts to slide do not panic. Your partner will see it moving and will put the weight back in your lap.

Although this exercise is mainly performed by men, the women would also gain from performing this exercise. Just use lighter weights. You’ll notice that it will help to sculpt your upper body, work on the fat that you may have along your back, workout your “bat wing” arms and more.

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