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Reducing Lower Ab Fat

How to Reduce Lower Ab Fat

While men don’t often have this issue, most women have a tendency to collect fat in the lower ab area. Many times you will see it called a “pooch” and reducing lower ab fat is often challenging.

 The first step in reducing this lower ab fat is to go on a healthy diet.
Besides reducing calorie intake and balancing food groups, lower ab bulge can be reduced by flushing the system. Most people have undigested food in their intestines. Adding fiber and drinking water can serve to flush the system, thus reducing the size of the lower belly.  Now this will reduce the size of the belly area due to a swelling or filling up of the intestines but flushing doesn’t actually get rid of the fat, However you can often see a 2-3 inch difference after a flush or 3 day detox diet.

Always remember that in order to reduce fat anywhere on the body you will need to take in less calories than your body uses, so if you use a 2 pronged attack by lowering your calorie intake and then adding exercise to your day you will begin to burn off the low ab fat.

While exercise can help you burn more calories it can also help to tone and tighten muscles.  Now you may have heard that “spot toning” exercises can’t help you lose weight from a particular area of your body and that is true but remember that you will be watching what you eat so in addition to tightening your lower ab area you will also be burning off the fat.  So exercise is an important part of reducing your lower ab fat  – pooch.

Many gyms have machines suited for the lower abdomen, particularly if the gym is specific to women’s fitness needs. However, there are two simple exercises that can be done at home or in combination with a specific fitness program.

Lower Ab Crunches

  • Lie on the back. The exercise surface should be firm so as to support the spine. Place the hands under the buttocks, palms facing down.

  • Lift the legs so as to form an L shape with the body.

  • Tightening the stomach muscles gently lift the buttocks with the stomach muscles. The hands should only serve as a support for the lower back, whose majority should remain on the ground. The legs should remain straightened.

  • Continue the exercise as many times as needed, but for no longer than thirty seconds before the next round. The next round should take place after a thirty second break.

Lower Ab Leg Lift

  • Lie on the back. The surface should be firm as to support the spine. Place the hands palms down underneath the buttocks. These are not meant to help in the exercise. The hands are only meant to support the lower back.

  • Tightening the stomach muscles, lift the legs in a folding motion toward the ceiling. Keep the legs straight.

  • Return the legs back to the ground.

  • Continue the exercise as many times as needed, but for no longer than thirty seconds. Take a thirty second break before the next round.

Alongside a healthy diet, these two exercises can play a huge part in reducing lower ab fat.

Here is an excellent video that will walk you through lower ab exercises.  It has over 7 million views and is very popular ( and effective). Sometimes when you watch a video you get a better idea on how to do an exercise correctly.

Now that you have had a chance to see a few of the lower ab exercises, it’s your turn.
Just remember that before you start any new exercise program you check with your doctor to make sure that you are fit enough to exercise. Also remember, that if any time you feel any pain in your back – stop immediately.  You should never feel any pain.
Your muscles will get tired but you should not feel any pain.

In closing – remember to watch what you eat so that you can start burning off the fat, and then add in lower ab exercises to tighten and firm. In just a few short weeks you should see a big difference in the way that your pants feel and your lower ab looks.

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