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Tuesday, May 6th,

10 Effective Exercises For Rock Hard Six-Pack Abs

10 Effective Exercises For Rock Hard Six-Pack Abs Now that you have lost the extra fat around your middle you are looking to tone up and firm up your mid-section. Here you will find the top 10 exercises to get those rock hard abs that you have been waiting for. Just remember that before you […]

Monday, December 10th,

What Are The Myths Surrounding 6 Pack Abs and Are You Falling For Them?

Are you falling for all the myths about 6 pack abs? Since we all want to have those elusive 6 pack abs it seems as though we will fall for anything that we hear. If someone says to buy this ab gadget or that ab gadget and then we think that by way of a […]

Tuesday, October 5th,

Breakfast Recipes for Great Abs

Breakfast Recipes for the Abs Acquiring a fabulous six pack is not just about exercising. Healthier and stronger abs also calls for a good diet. The exercise plan to have great looking abs must be complemented with a healthy diet plan. The best diet will vary from one person to another, depending on height, weight, […]

Monday, September 27th,

Six-Pack Ab Exercises For Women For Lean Sexy Abs

Six-Pack Ab Exercises For Women For Lean Sexy Abs Ladies want to get those sexy six-pack abs that you see on many celebrities?  Always wanted a slim, sculpted mid-section? Sure men and women can do the same exact six-pack exercises but many women are afraid that they will bulk up to much. Don’t worry you […]

Saturday, July 11th,

So What Are 6 Pack Abs?

Everyone talks about getting 6 pack abs but do you really know what 6 pack abs are? Men and women alike now are striving to get 6 pack abs – it looks just like a washboard, and it’s something everyone wants, but few know how to achieve it.  6  pack abs are muscles that go […]

Friday, May 16th,

Top Abdominal Exercise Workout

I found this terrific article which address most (if not all) of your abdominal exercise questions. Vince DelMonte is one of the top fitness instructors with abs and muscle building for both men and woman as his specialty. His information is based on fact and not speculation. At the end of his article is a […]

Thursday, September 13th,

Maximum Workout Schedule – Minimum Time

This is great information and I wanted to share it with you. Now you have no excuses not to workout. Unique Lean-Body Workouts for the Time-Crunched Individual by Mike Geary -CPT, Founder – Truth About Abs .com Warning: this style of workout is WAY different than anything you’ve ever tried before and may result in […]