Monday, December 10th,

What Are The Myths Surrounding 6 Pack Abs and Are You Falling For Them?

Are you falling for all the myths about 6 pack abs?

Since we all want to have those elusive 6 pack abs it seems as though we will fall for anything that we hear.

If someone says to buy this ab gadget or that ab gadget and then we think that by way of a miracle we can sit on the couch while our ab gadget goes to work and in a few weeks we will have rock hard abs. Well we all know that this is a bunch of crap yet, we fall for it since we want to believe that it really is that easy.

I’m sorry to have reality hit i you in the face but it isn’t that easy. Getting a 6 pack is going to be hard work.  Yes, you will actually have to work at it. However, if you avoid listening to all the myths and just follow advice that it true & honest you won’t waste your time or money in your quest for a nice six or eight pack.

Right below is one of my favorite videos ( and no I don’t get anything for saying that or showing you this video – I have no relationship at all with the video creator I just happen to really like it) that discusses the myths surrounding six-pack abs. What I particularly like is that as you go through the myths you learn the correct information and understand why the myth is false information. Some videos just tell you the myths but don’t explain why it is a myth and if you don’t understand the underlying information you’ll be apt to fall for similar half-truths or totally incorrect information.

I know that you will enjoy this video and that you will get a lot from it.

Now wasn’t that well worth you time & I know that you got a bit more insight into what it really takes to get six-pack abs. Now that you know more about it, you’ll be less likely to be tempted by gadgets and poor information. Now when someone asks you how to get six-pack abs you can tell them both the right information and which six-pack ab myths to stay away from.

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