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10 Effective Exercises For Rock Hard Six-Pack Abs

10 Effective Exercises For Rock Hard Six-Pack Abs

Now that you have lost the extra fat around your middle you are looking to tone up and firm up your mid-section.
Here you will find the top 10 exercises to get those rock hard abs that you have been waiting for. Just remember that before you start any exercise routine you should check with your medical adviser to make sure that you are healthy enough for fitness. And also remember that exercise should not hurt. You muscles should get tired and a bit achy but if you feel pain you are completing an exercise incorrectly – stop immediately.

The American Council on Exercise (ACE), an organization that claims to be America’s authority on fitness, conducted a study of various exercises for the abdominal muscles. This study revealed the ten most effective ways of developing the abs.  One of the criteria is the extent with which the exercise can strengthen the target muscles, such as the rectus abdominis and the obliques. So here is the scoop on the best abs exercises and how they should be done.
1. Pedal Exercise (also called the bicycle)  – the top of the list of best abs exercises
•    Lie flat on your back with the hands behind the head; fingers interlocking.
•    Pull and bend the knees towards the upper body and raise the shoulders off the floor. The neck should not be pulled.
•    Stretch out the left leg but keep it at a 45-degree angle from the floor. At the same time, turn the upper body to face the right. The left elbow should almost touch the right knee.
•    The above step should be done again but using the other side of the body. The right leg is straight while the right elbow touches the left knee.
•    The above two steps are done alternately, with the legs resembling the pedaling motion of riding a bike.

2. Gym’s Captain’s Chair – the second best abs exercise which is popular in gyms.
•    While standing on the chair, the back is pressed towards the pad. Be sure to grab the handholds to prevent falling off.
•    By using force from the abdominal area, raise the legs and bring the knees towards the upper body. Breathe deeply and keep the back pressed to the pad.
•    Go back to the original position and repeat the above step.

3. Exercise Ball Crunch – the third best abs exercise using the exercise ball
•    Bring the ball under the mid to lower back area and lie on it. Make sure that the ball is stable and will not roll off.
•    With hands behind the head, lift the upper body off the ball by contracting the muscles in the abdomen.
•    Lower the body to have the torso lie again on the ball. Repeat the previous step.

4. Upright Leg Crunch – the fourth best abs exercise with nothing needed but the good old floor
•    While lying on the floor, bring the legs straight up into the air making right angles to the body. The hands are resting on the sides.
•    Cross the knees and lift the upper body with the chest moving towards the general direction of the feet. Maintain the position of the legs.
•    Lift as high as possible and then lower the shoulders. Repeat the above step.

5. Torso Track – the fifth best abs exercise but the toughest to accomplish. It can injure the back if not done right.
•    Firmly hold the Torso Track handles and, while inhaling, pull in the abs.
•    Slowly exhale as you move smoothly forward. Do not collapse for this will hurt the back
•    Go back to the first position while slowly contracting the abs. Repeat all three steps.

6. Long Arm Crunch – the sixth best abs exercise that focused on the upper abdominal muscles
•    While lying on your back, stretch out the arms beyond the hand and lace together the fingers. The upper arms should be near the ears.
•    Using the abs, lift the upper body, especially the shoulders, off the floor.
•    Hold and then go back to the first position.

7. Reverse Crunch – the seventh best abs exercise that works out the whole abdominal area
•    While lying on the floor with hands lying flat on the sides and ankles crossed, lift the knees and legs and move them towards the chest. The upper leg and the lower leg should form a right angle.
•    Then, using the abs, lift the hips and bring the legs straight up.
•    Lower the hips and legs and then repeat the lifting the above steps. Avoid swinging the legs.

8. Full Vertical Crunch – the eighth best abs exercise that engages the whole body
•    While lying on your back, lift the legs straight up.
•    Using the hands to support the head, lift the upper body off the floor. Keep the legs in its position. And the whole body would resemble a letter “J”
•    Release and lower the shoulders and leg. Then repeat the above steps.

9. Ab Rocker – the ninth best abs exercise that targets the six pack muscles
•    Sit comfortably on the Ab Rocker and firmly hold the bars or handles.
•    Move forward, making sure that the force is being supplied by the abdomen. Concentrate on the abdominal muscles and not the arms.
•    Slowly release and repeat the above steps.

10. Plank on Elbows and Toes – this tenth best abs exercise is also great in developing endurance.
•    While lying on the floor, face down and hands close to the body, spread out the hands against the floor.
•    Raise the upper body by pushing against the floor. Raise the toes and then rest on the elbows. The upper arm and the lower arm should create a right angle, with the lower arm parallel to the floor.
•    Contract the abs by keeping the line of the back straight from head to ankles. If needed, adjust the position of the pelvis downwards to achieve this straight line.
•    Hold the above position for at least 20 seconds and then slowly go back to the original position
All these abs exercises cannot guarantee the appearance of the six pack muscles. But these muscles will be developed, even though hidden by layers of fat. The key thing to remember is to keep working out to achieve the desired results.

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